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S loves EJ
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Not really a heartfelt tender I'll do what it takes to get you out of here moment either.
The similarities begin and end with the location. Stefano had to yell at EJ to get him down to the jail to see Nicole, he brought up the baby, the fact that EJ felt as if he was being disloyal to Sami AND when badgered EJ admitted his love for his child but the most he could say was that Nicole was important to him. When he finally arrived at the jail and got her out of the infirmary, the emotion was when he spoke of his fear of harm coming to his child and Nicole being upset that this was all he cared about. They then started fighting over the fact that EJ did not trust or believe her.

Compare and contrast to the unwavering love and devotion EJ is showing to Sami and the fact that they are both hurting over being separated, the EJAMI scene and feelings is everything Nicole WISHED she could have gotten from EJ back then.

As the poster initially highlighted, the location is nothing special to one couple and that is pretty much all that bears resemblance because the love is on a totally different level.
i'd rather compare and contrast it to EJ and Nicole, two flawed individuals growing closer- having real, grown-up conversations about learning to trust each other, talking about their feelings, and hashing through their problems together. Embracing each other for who they are, falling in love and accepting each other with all their faults. Like two adults.

Compare that to EJ and Sami whitewashing their history instead of dealing with it so EJ can blow rainbows up a toddlers' ass who treats everyone like shit because she has the intelligence and emotional capacity of zoo monkey that was kicked in the head by a zebra.
There is not even an ounce of relevance to the pics, but hey, I'll bite. Fantasy and fallacies aside about the EJ and Nicole relationship, the constant pretense that when he was not choking a bitch he kept her out of his business while he ran around making plans with Will and she was left feeling stupid and out of the loop aside, or how about the man who was disgusted at the thought of leaving with her, baby and all. Rehash this, rehash that, not even Nicole is deluded anymore and is willing to set herself up to be used and second best. She said it best, its always Sami Sami Sami when it comes to EJ; now it may not be everyone's cup of tea and bitterness over her import over the likes of TTB aside, it is who and what EJ wants and its what he has wanted from 2007 onwards (after all his history did not begin circa 2009) ;)
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