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Adrienne and ONLY Adrienne possessed a copy of the video which she obtained from Sonny. Had she deleted the video, would this situation have come about thus Sonny needing immunity? and the answer is a resounding NO.

Adrienne went to the mansion to play judge and juror to Sami, based on Sami's answers and what she deemed reasonable she would sink her. Why not be upfront about it with everyone, instead she chose to go behind their backs.
Yes, Adrienne was the only one in possession of that video, but she didn't know that she was the ONLY one who had it. Therefore, getting immunity granted for Sonny was smart on her part in case someone else who had the video came forward and revealed that Sonny had known about it all along. And yes, Adrienne did try to give Sami a chance to explain herself, but as usual, smug, arrogant, "Lady of the Manor" Sami shot her mouth off and Adrienne retaliated. In no way do I see Sami being the poor, sweet victim in all of this. Not the way Sweeney is currently playing her.
Someone else having the video would not have mattered after Adrienne's actions.
But, it absolutely would have mattered. If Adrienne had turned the video in and, for instance, Abigail still came forward and admitted to seeing the video and that Sonny knew about it as well, he would be charged as well because he knew Sami had known Bernardi prior to the shooting. Regardless of whether or not Adrienne's actions against Sami were selfish, it can absolutely be agreed that the part about her protecting Sonny was not.
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