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Jul 29 2013, 01:11 AM
You mean the fantasies and fallacies of Ejami being a romance? You mean the way EJ is left Sami completely out of the loop when he was taking over DE because-in his words- the child cannot keep her bloody mouth shut? Every time he's manhandled her? The times he threatened to choke, and kill, Sami, and kill her son? The woman he enjoyed torturing, nearly to the point of miscarriage? How about the man who was absolutely giddy about having Sami raped multiple times by a strange man? :)
You didn't see me painting any perfect world, idealistic picture of EJAMI, that was you trying to do it with EJOLE. EJAMI's history is what it is and it has only added to what they are now. They were able to go at each other tit for tat, neither backing down, EJ in Sami finding his equal not some haplas whim who now cries and acts his victim everywhere they turn.

So back and forth they went, but that connection and pull never did fade and for almost two years now they put down the artillery and have been supporting each other to a point where it has blossomed into unwavering, no more running, we are it for each other love. So EJAMI romance in 2013, I saw hell yes and I cannot wait for those scenes highlighted in the picture, I believe we may even see a glimpse of their two beautiful children as well :wub2:
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