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Adrienne created the situation that would require Sonny needing immunity though. Sorry not buying her actions are from an altrusitic place, not when she went to Sami to get her to explain herself, why would that be necessary?

Adrienne created the situation that would require Sonny needing immunity though.


No she didn't. Sonny needed immunity from the first moment he decided to be complicit with obstruction of justice. It just happened to be Adrienne who ended up with the video. Abby could easily have turned the evidence in and he would have needed immunity. Adrienne could have accidentally sent the video to Caroline / Maggie / Jennifer the same way Sonny sent it to her thinking it was the video of Arianna Grace. If he hadn't of done the crime he wouldn't have needed immunity and it wasn't Adrienne who created the situation,the situation was there long before she got involved.

My recollection is that she went to Sami to see if Sami had a reasonable explanation for what was on the tape. Sami being Sami pulled a Sami and so instead of resolving a situation exacerbated it. If she hated Sami that much why didn't she just go straight to the Police, why try to discuss it with Sami, Justin and Sonny.
Adrienne and ONLY Adrienne possessed a copy of the video which she obtained from Sonny. Had she deleted the video, would this situation have come about thus Sonny needing immunity? and the answer is a resounding NO.

Adrienne went to the mansion to play judge and juror to Sami, based on Sami's answers and what she deemed reasonable she would sink her. Why not be upfront about it with everyone, instead she chose to go behind their backs.
How does Adrienne know that she is the only one that has a copy of the video?

Perhaps she figures she is best off going to the police with it and getting Sonny amnesty before someone else turns up with it.
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