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The Royal Dork

Is it just me, or are all these house guests extremely 2-faced this season? And I'm sure certain people will disagree, but aside from Howard & Candice, I really don't think there's a single person that has stayed true to their alliance, or their word, this whole season. Given, this IS a show full of gossip, lying, backstabbing and manipulation... but usually, there are a few good eggs. And usually, those "good eggs" are the most rootable players.

Aaryn is Aaryn. GinaMarie, too.
Andy floats from one side to the other, gleefully bashing others on both sides around their given enemies, and then repeating what was said to others like he had no part in it.
Judd and Jessie usually go where the power is. And when it shifts, they do too.
Helen is so fake around people, and kisses so much ass I'm surprised her nose isn't brown by now. And it's usually the very same people she just talked shit about.
Elissa's in a world of her own. Just a few weeks ago, she felt such loyalty towards Candice when Candice consoled her after being put up on the block. Now, she's bashing Candice and Howard like the rest of them.
Spencer.... Ugh. I want to like him, just because he's anti-Amanda/McCrae, but I still can't forgive him for that stupid lie about the 1st week's vote. Like, really? What does it matter? Why would you lie about something so minuscule?!
Amanda and McCrae are just assholes. Amanda's the queen B who calls all the shots & McCrae's just her little miniature poodle she carries around in her purse.

It's annoying.

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