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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of July 29th
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Jul 29 2013, 09:52 AM
S loves EJ
Jul 29 2013, 09:30 AM
Jul 29 2013, 08:00 AM
S loves EJ
Jul 29 2013, 02:40 AM
Given it some thought since yesterday I can see now that Adrienne probably thinks she is doing the right thing, but that the show hasnīt been doing a good job of showing since she comes off as being judgemental of Sami, and she could have tried harder to talk to Sonny and Justin she just had to mention having a video of Sami and Bernadi. Plus I donīt think Sami being a mess have to effect Sonny, itīs one thing if she had a problem with Will but having a problem with Sonnyīs boyfriends mother seems like being to overprotecting of a growned up son.
Adrianne did do the right thing. The ones who did the wrong thing was EJ, Sami, Will and Sonny. They should have at least told Sami's lawyer the truth, instead they decided to take things into their own hands to remove evidentce that could be used against her. Sami is not an innocent in all this. She got herself into the situation she is now. She did not have to shoot and kill, as many has said before. If she didn't take it upon herself to chase and leap on the police guy, who by the way, could have easily killed her if he wanted to, then a video of her would not have existed.

She shot EJ and people covered for her, and she comletely got away with it, so I guess she thinks she can behave however she likes, and she does not have to think before she acts because whatever she does, and whatever situations she finds herself in, she would still have people covering for her. And it is exaclty the case in this situation.

The guy had a knife and the first thing comes into her head is to kill him. A guy with a knife with his back turned cannot compete against someone with a gun. She kills him instead of trying to wound him or shouting for help and seems justified in doing so. I dont even see any remorse on her part.

I also really objected to EJ's behaviour towards Adrianne when he is the one in the wrong in the first place. Abe was right, he is an idiot.

Adrianne did not break into people's houses, steal, told lies, kill someone, but yet she is being given a hard time. Does not makes sense to me. Anyway the writers need her so they can prolong this story, that I am already bored with.

I know itīs not a wrong thing to turn in evidence to the police, but in this case Sami was justified to shoot Bernadi it was selfdefence that is how it was written even if it can be argued that Sami might could have handle the situation in an other way. So by given the police the video she could be sending a innocent woman to prison, so what I meant was that Adrienne thinks she is doing the right thing but it could end up having the wrong result.

In real world I think Adrienne could have tried harder to talk to Sonny and Justin, but in soaps they do it all the time with having people get interrupted or not listening when someone has something important to say.

I just think Adrienneīs problem with Wilson being together would make more since if they were having problem, but they are happy together the one that gives them problem is Adrienne.

Anyway I liked it when EJ was threatning Adrienne since I like it when he is bad, but I donīt think itīs the right thing to do.

I don't mind the threat, but I wish Adrienne would have stood up to him and told him off.....actually saying something like, 'Yeah, EJ, I feel safe, you know why? Because I have the Kiriakis clan to come after you if anything should ever happen to me....' Then have her simply turn around and walk away....

I hate it how this show writes women, cowering in fear every time someone threatens them...please.....as if I'd cower in fear and run into my house if that asshole ever said shit to me....please.
I would have LOVED to have seen your scenario take place instead!
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