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Jul 29 2013, 09:56 AM
I like this as justification for all of Adrienne's behavior. It makes so much freaking sense:

V Guide Magazine: To the point where Adrienne sent Sami to the slammer. Isn't that going a bit far? And now, because of that, she's got E.J. [James Scott] on her ass. Not good.
Evans: No! She's not going too far! [Laughs] Okay, maybe Adrienne is a little off her rocker with this, but she's blowing up a lot of people's lives for all the right reasons. There are always bullets flying left and right when Sami and E.J. are around and she doesn't want Sonny in the crossfire. Sonny's so young. In Adrienne's mind, he needs to take his time with love. There are a lot of other guys for him out there. But, if he sticks with Will, he may as well be married to the mob!

What mother in their right mind would be okay with having their son/daughter in that lifestyle....
The same mother married to a mob family herself! I like using Adrienne as Will and Sonny's angst/conflict, but I need someone to remind Adrienne that she's a part of a danger family as well. Sure, the Kiriakises have tamed down quite a bit from the 80s, but Victor still has an edge to him that comes out every now and then. Someone like Kayla, who has experienced the Kiriakis danger, needs to be the one to remind Adrienne.
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