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Jul 29 2013, 12:40 PM
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Do they think they're going to find the razor inside Bernardi? Because I think someone would have noticed that during the autopsy.

Even if they find proof that Bernardi was working for Stefano, that doesn't prove he was going to kill Rafe. He was still a friend of Rafe who went there after security was removed. They removed the security restrictions after his attacker, Jensen was identified.

Even if they found DNA that Bernardi was secertly another one of Stefanos' sons, that wouldn't prove that he was going to harm Rafe. What the hell do they think they'll find on his body that would prove that?
Yeah, I'm at a loss, let's see how it plays out but it's not making any sense, that they would even consider doing that.
Did they even do an autopsy? If so, maybe Abe and Kayla see something odd on the autopsy report. Maybe Bernardi didn't die because of complications from surgery.....maybe Stefano had him killed during his recovery.
They didn't mention an autopsy, and since he died supposedly on the operating table then I would think one wasn't necessary, but who knows with soaps.
You know that might be what gets Sami off if they can't find the razor.....he died of a heart attack or something and Sami's bullet didn't do the job.
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