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I agree with those who say Adrienne did the right thing. She had no way of knowing who else had the video. She knew she had the video which meant it was likely that someone else probably had it and therefore there was a chance someone else could turn it into the cops. She knew that she had gotten the video by accident from Sonny which meant he was keeping back evidence in a criminal case. She didn't know that Sonny, Will, Chad, and Abigail had chosen to actually destroy that evidence, which is a criminal act. She doesn't know that the tape would eventually lead back to discovery that Will had shot EJ. She does know that Sami shot a cop in the back. Yes Sami says that she did it to save Rafe's life but at this point there is nothing to back up her story. Sami also lied to the grand jury about knowing Bernardi. I'm sure from Adrienne's point of view if Sami lied before the grand jury, why couldn't she be lying about why she shot Bernardi? And she sees her son breaking the law by keeping back evidence in order to protect Sami Brady. Of course Sonny is actually doing it in order to protect Will, but Adrienne has no knowledge of that.

I understand Will and Sonny being angry at Adrienne and where they are coming from. But I do think Adrienne was mostly trying to protect her son. If EJ does try and get revenge on Adrienne by doing something to physically harm her, I wonder how Sonny would then handle his allegiance to Sami and EJ.
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