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You know what's weird? The only one of the OLTL 3 that doesn't make me want to stick toothpicks in my eyes is Michael Easton. How in the hell did this happen? Don't get me wrong, if he left tomorrow I wouldn't cry, but for some odd reason he is not all that annoying in his new role. Unlike Kiki (gawd I hate that name) and our new hero Franco. :drunk:

Carly, SHUT UP! "Saving Danny would redeem you." Aw hell to the no with this BS!! I knew that RC would pull this as soon as we heard that Danny was sick and Todd Manning-with-the-bad-hair was a Quartermaine. :flipoff:

Another odd thing is that I'm actually enjoying Britt ...not sure how that happened either! I kind of felt sorry for her dealing with her crazy ass mother.

I hated Britt with a passion and I haven't cared for Nikolas for a very long time. However, those two together has me intrigued. Britt needs to be done with Patrick and Nikolas needs someone with an edge and not a "saint" like Elizabeth.
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