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Well, it looks like Phyllis was right all along!! :hater: Sharon is one crazy lady!! I hope that once all of her machinations come out that they throw this crazy-ass bitch in the looney bin ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! MS - I will miss you forever :iloveyou: !! You have always been a phenomenal actress and your last performances have been outstanding!! Please come back - Avick ARE SO BORING :sleep2: - Jack is no good without you and the show just plain sucks these days....I can't imagine how bad its gonna be with Phyllis gone! Oh wait, i'll never know cause i'm tuning out after 40 years. JFP :wtf: - I don't know how you got your job - YOU"VE DESTROYED THE BEST SHOW ON DAYTIME IN RECORD TIME!!!!!!!!!!! :frustration: :bye:

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