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Episode 17 is posted.

Jennifer crouches down beside Abby, who is lying sideways along two seats on the airplane. Abby is staring into space. Jennifer gently brushes some of Abby's hair back.

Kim and Jeannie are facing one another in the staff lounge at the hospital. Kim looks shocked. She asks her daughter, "Don't you care about your fiancÚ?"

EJ is talking to a man in a prison jumpsuit. The man asks EJ what he wants to know about the prisms. EJ grins. "That's good. First, I want to know what they are. Then I want to know where they are." He looks up and nods -- at Shawn.

Abe, Lexie, and Theo are sitting together on the couch in their living room. "Theo," Abe says, waiting until the boy looks up. "Mommy is not going to get better." Lexie reaches across Theo and squeezes Abe's hand.

Nicole tells Rafe, "If I find these prisms, whatever they are, I'll win control over Stefano's estate. With that, EJ can never hurt me or my baby."

Marlena and Kristen are standing inside Marlena's office. Kristen seems calm, but Marlena is glares. Marlena says sharply, "I want you to stay away John, and I want you to stay away from me and my family."

"My opening salvo did not draw enough blood," Ian says into his phone. "We might need to strike a little closer to home."

Old enemies square off and an unlikely deal could change everything in in Episode 17: The New Rules.
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