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Jul 30 2013, 12:26 AM
Jul 30 2013, 12:07 AM
Dr. O was in love with Faison but he became psychotic and obsessive about everything Anna Devane. Faison inpersonated Duke in an attempt to have her fall in love with him. Dr. O wants Britt to part of Anna extended family so that Faison could stay close to her family.

Cesar Faison is just crazy, period. I don't think he ever loved Dr. O, or Britt. However, the doctor still loves him. The reason she is adamant Britt pulls
the scheme off is because she wants revenge against Anna and her extended family.

She wants the same thing for Britt, to become crazy about Patrick, just like Faison was crazy about Anna.I think Britt wants to please her mother so that she will not send her father after her. She is terrified of her father. I think he used to beat Britt when she was young because her mother told her she was clumsy as a child.
Nik could relate to Britt because his father was doing the same thing to Laura.
Why would Dr. O want Britt to become crazy about Patrick just like Faison was crazy about Anna--the woman he abandoned her and Britt for???
IMO Dr. O is still bitter and revengeful because Faison was always obsessed with Anna Devane--she could've became pregnant with Britt hoping he
would love them, but he did not-- also Dr. O may be abusive to Britt because she's a reminder of the pain Faison inflicted on on her.
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