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Gotta say I loved Justin calling Sonny, EJ, and Sami on their crap today. He has become my favorite male character on Days. The fact that he stood up for Adrianne made me like him even more. He was man enough to admit that his wife saw what he was too blind to see. Bravo, Justin.

I couldn't sit through the scenes with Adrianne and the two badly dressed dweebs - aka Will and Sonny - trying to lay the blame at feet. So, yeah, I hit the FF button, despite my admiration for Adrianne.

I'm so happy Maggie is there for Adrianne to talk to. She needs someone who is on her side.

My heart broke for Nick today. I think his ending things with Gabi is his way of punishing himself for what occurred in prison, as well as what he did to Will. I would hazard to say that he feesl that he's unworthy of love due to what happened in prison. Gawd, I could watch BB 's tormented Nick all day.
Yea now its funny Justin is doing the same
thing with Will that he was angry about.Justin
told both Will/Sonny to tell no one about what
lies beneath.Justin had alot of nerve speaking
to EJ like that!
Yes, what Justin did took nerve. He dared to look the man in his eyes and tell him exactly what would happen if he interfered with his child's freedom/safety, again. Unlike EJ, who hid behind an indirect threat when threatening Justin's wife who - by the way - was courageous when choosing not to inform her husband of said threat.

:angry: EJ isn't hiding behind an underlying threat.
EJ is use to being nice/Nasty.
I think its Justin that needs to also be afraid
and not of EJ.I cant wait to see Justin accept
EJs business offer.EJ didn't interfere with Sonny
freedom and safety.EJ told Chad to delete that
video.Chad accidentally emailed it to Sonny.Sonny
was told to delete the video and refused before emailing
it to that :flipoff: Bitch mother of his.If Sonny had of kept his.
Justin cant blame EJ for that.Who is going to blame
Justin,because he is doing the same thing by telling
Will Sonny to keep el mouth shutto!
Justin was right so in telling Sami/EJ not to put Sonny in the situation again he is his father and he would protect Sonny just like Sami would protect Will so I say bravo Justin for putting it out there and letting them know what the deal was.

Chad didn't accidentally send it to Sonny he sent it to Sonny to see and to show Will before he knew what was going on. Sonny accidentally sent it to Adrienne before he even saw the video and he didn't know his mom had it. Will was right she could have waited if she really wanted to talk to Sonny as badly as she said she would have waited. Sonny was right she wanted to do it, yes she wanted to protect Sonny but she wanted to get Sami too. Adrienne is not fooling anyone it goes back to her wanting Sonny away from Will and his family mainly Sami just like Justin said yesterday.

EJ better step back and not start a war with the K, Stef may side with them to get back at him so he needs to be careful. Loved Will and Sonny the way they care about eachother and still trying to protect eachother and the people around them.
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