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Sweet and Salty

Jul 30 2013, 07:36 AM
Loved both Judi and Wally's performances...they are always spot on!

So happy to hear Rafe tell Kate to back off. She needs to stop hovering over him like a mother hen. This version of Kate is just No... please bring back the smart, savy devious Kate we all know and love.
I'm sure they'll bring her back. I always knew there was a soft side to Kate. I don't mind that she found a place in her heart (as many hard hearted women do when they actually fins a man that treats them right) that softened. It's kinda neat really, that the writers have written a woman who met a man (boy compared to her) who brought out a tender heart. I see her soft side come out from time to time. Will, her grand and great grands. She loved and cared for Stephano VERY much. When he was sick... Even she and Sami at times called truces. She can be "evil" at times, but I see her with a tender heart at times. I don't see this as ooc.
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