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Jul 30 2013, 06:56 AM

Daniel is outraged by Jennifer's proposal.

Why? Because it doesn't involve her kissing his ass? Because heaven forbid Jennifer put anyone's needs before his. Yet he did the same thing with Melanie and it was okay then. :flipoff:

As Cameron and Abigail grow closer, Chad meets with a specialist to find out if he really does have a brain tumor.

Dammit Abby, you're supposed to be supporting Chad. Not stroking Cameron's ego.

I'm starting to suspect that Jen-Jen proposes a secret reconciliation with Daniel. That they get back together but make JJ think they're still separated (while they sneak around behind his back). That, unfortunately, would be all too in keeping with this weak, selfish, indecisive Jennifer who wants to have her cake and eat it too--namely, get it on with her boyfriend while patting herself on the back and getting undeserved praise for being "a great mom" to her troubled son. She was like this during the stupid three-way dating game too. Daniel may have initiated that asinine scheme, but Jennifer didn't have to go along with it. And significantly it was the men who finally called a halt to it, not her. I also see the typically TomSellian heavy-handedness at work in making Jen-Jen look worse so Dr. Douche can look better and so that no one will blame him when he goes looking for fresh meat and ends up in Theresa's bed. When will TIIC realize that this weak, poorly defined character isn't worth all this trouble?

As for Cameron and Abigail, could anything be duller? Here's another character who's been a bore under multiple regimes, and neither of his portrayers is charismatic enough to overcome the mediocre writing. Although Cameron 1.0 was at least convincing as a medical student--this one, not so much. I'm not thrilled by either of Abigail's suitors, but she does have a friendship/history with Chad that would make her involvement in his problems understandable. As opposed to the things she sticks her nose into that should have nothing to do with her.
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