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It's not the same at all. The circumstances have changed. EJ instructed them to obstruct justice. Justin is telling them not to talk about it. That's what a lawyer does.

Now would be the time for me to tell you to learn how lawyers work. But I won't. But don't expect to keep posting here if you're going to talk to other members like you did with Jason. Especially when you're wrong.
Excuse me are you the Administrator?If you are not
then you cannot tell me where to post.Now my post wasn't meant
to offend Jason.If Jason has a problem with it then why doesn't he have a talk with me?I have done research on how Agents work in show Biz.Now Jason, stated to me that he guesses if I were the agent for the kids,that they wouldn't get paid.If I were the Agent I wouldn't get paid until my client got on the job.I better hope they get the job if I want to put food on my table.If they don't get a job I don't
get paid its as simple as that.I am anxious to see how Justin
is going to defend Will knowing what he knows about Will.Justin
told :shrug: Will/Sonny not to tell anyone.Well its got to come out somehow
unless Justin wants to be disbarred for with holding info.Will will
probably go spill the beans to the DA.The DA will say well now
Will you can wear the blue suit.Now Bad in the future if you don't like
my comments then I would suggest you put me on your ignore list.
Uhm I really think you should check the title of the person you were replying to... Seriously you didn't start posting yesterday, so IDK
Must have missed those big red letters!
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