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I have been enjoying this Sami story. Not for Sami specifically. I mean, she's fine. I have nothing against her. But I like the way they're using the cast. They're using some of my long-time favorites, and I had almost given up hope that they would. Justin, Adrienne, Kayla...they're being used effectively in this story.

I like most of the younger cast now, too, and for so long I just didn't. But Nick, Chad, Will, Sonny...even Gabi's grown on me. I like all of them.

More, I like the way Salem really feels like a community again. Everyone knows what's going on with everyone else. People who are supposed to be in a scene often are. It's not perfect, because I could see that there should have been more people at Sami's bail hearing. Will, Marlena, Roman, maybe Caroline, Hope...although maybe NOT Hope, because she has to walk such a fine line. Supporting Sami, but still maintaining some kind of objectivity...because you know Melinda Trask will be keeping an eye on everything. But would a cop like she is show up at a bail hearing? Is that customary? I don't know. But I do know Hope can work behind the scenes regardless, and I'd like to see her doing that.

Speaking of Melinda Trask. I understand that she's doing her job, but she seems to take a particular glee in sticking it to Sami and her legal team. That smile she got when Sami was denied bail? I wanted to slap it off of her...because it doesn't seem like it's all about doing her job. It's personal for her...and she's after publicity. It's all a career move for her...but she's messing with Sami's LIFE.

It isn't that Sami's entirely innocent. She's been wrong. She lied, too, and at the very least should have to answer for the perjury...but not with life behind bars.

I love how they're using history too. Pointing out things that happened on the show to explain why Sami shouldn't get bail. Last week, bringing up history with the Kiriakis clan.

One thing...I thought we were gonna get a meaningful Justin/Kayla scene, and I didn't. I would have enjoyed that immensely. Justin was at her wedding. She, Steve, Adrienne and Justin once went on the run together. They're old friends, and I would have loved to see them meeting on a professional matter.

Whenever I see Kayla being civil with EJ, I think he should apologize to her for the things he did to Steve. I'm sorry. I don't even hate EJ. But he hurt her husband, and messed up their lives. I wish it mattered enough to him for him to offer her that.
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