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Jul 30 2013, 08:55 PM
Well, it's been awhile since they featured Lucas, and you love him. It's perfectly understandable when you have a special attachment to an actor or actress that the show doesn't have the same shine for you if they're not featured and you don't know when they'll get anything meaningful again.

I understand that completely. Makes sense.
I'll tell you a little secret...in 2001, Bryan was fired...I was still a huge fan of his back then...I kept watching the show because I liked it....it was never about one actor or actress for me, and I loved many couples back then that were being featured so if something was on that I didn't like then I knew that something else was on that I would enjoy. I frankly have slowly become very frustrated with the show over the years for various reasons...and I can tell you in 25 plus years of watching this show I've only fully stopped on 2 occasions.....once was in 2010 and that was purely because Lucas was written out, but I can honestly tell you that if I had other stuff that would have kept me watching, other things I loved, other characters I was invested in that were given a story and were written in character I would have continued watching, as I've always been a Days fan first, but I had nothing back then.....then I began to watch again when the reset occurred...and I haven't really stopped since...although I found some rather stupid, boring, anti climatic stories to last me a lifetime under MarDar, but I never imagined they would be fired and replaced so soon with TomSell no less. I knew the minute those two came on board that my viewers days would likely be affected sooner or late, but lately I can honestly say if it wasn't for Ericole, I'd be gone....and I truly don't know how much longer I'll watch...this time, as in 2010, I am slowly finding myself not liking any of the stories, and they aren't even featuring characters I like.....so for me at least, that hour of my night when I usually come home from work and sit to watch the show can probably be better spent watching something else, or doing some laundry so I don't have to do it on the weekend....Days has a huge problem if they have a viewer that would rather do laundry than watch their show.....if they are trying to write for ALL fans as they keep saying, then start using every character and don't treat some like if they didn't belong on the show....it's upsetting that the only way to have Justin and Adrienne featured is to assist Ej and Sami, or they have to shove the likes of Dan and before him Rafe for years because the writers/EP's have a hard on for the characters....or why they have to push stories for Gabi and Melanie but refuse to feature Abby, seriously.....and don't even get me started on Eric and Nicole.....talk about frustration....
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