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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Jul 30 2013, 05:49 PM
It is such a waste the way they destroyed Jack's story for Dannifer. We should have seen more from the veterans and the group therapey sessions :(
We should have seen more on the PTSD period....you know what would have been an amazing story if Jack decided to leave Jennifer because of the PTSD he was going through, she could have gotten back with Daniel, what we are seeing now could have happened still. Then Jack would open up the Spectator again and started researching PTSD, Abby could have taken a job as a reporter or something....at that time Nick could have gotten out of jail with symptoms of the disorder....he could have befriended him and helped him through discussing the prison rape and bringing it out in the open, actually DEALING with it, which the show hasn't done...that would have implicated Jensen who was later released on a technicality and he would have hurt Jack because he 'ratted' him out, then he would go on to doing what he did to Nick, Gabi, and Will. Now he could be reporting on Sami's trial, but Jack soon uncovers the Will shooting Ej thing and gets targeted by EJ to shut up or be squashed....there is definitely a way to weave jack in all the storylines currently going on if he would have opened up the Spectator again.....He could have started an ethics investigation at the hospital.....he slowly uncovers a pattern with Daniel but more importantly he also uncovers that he was willing to forge paperwork to hide NIcole's child's father and pass him off as another man's....all this is happening around the time Nicole gets pissed at Eric and quits her job at the rectory...she ends up at the spectator.....just as Jack gets ready to break the Daniel case.....seriously this shit writes itself.
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