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Jul 30 2013, 10:07 PM
Jul 30 2013, 09:47 PM
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Jul 30 2013, 09:19 PM

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Simply bringing up the rape isn't a bait...if that was the case no one would be able to talk about any history on this show...Sami's rape of Austin is brought up on occasion still, so is Sami's death row and Lucas' involvement, or Rafe trying to steal Sami's kids, or go back further and we were all discussing just a few months ago how John's behavior was totally OOC and not true to history and examples were made as to why people thought that way. I understand that this board doesn't want to get into the back and forth discussion about the rape, because it leads absolutely no where, but let's face it...if you think it wasn't rape, no one is going to change and the same goes for those of us who thought it was rape. But regardless of our personal opinions on the matter, the show treated it as rape and called it rape, everyone from the producers to the writers to the actors and characters were saying the word for over a year and a half after it happened. It was what it was.....and it was very, very poorly handled by the show but simply bringing it up isn't a bait...because the show called it that, and as late as 2010 it was again brought up by the show in dialogue...
Yes but if you're going to talk about the show bringing it up you have to consider when it was brought up between Ejami before they had sex that may. It was made apparent in the dialogue that EJ wasn't rough or had physically hurt Sami in any way and that EJ's actions AFTER and not during the incident was what had hurt Sami the most.

I try to live by the rule that regardless of what I think about an incident...I take the characters POV of the situation and move on. I find that I enjoy the show much more that way.
Which characters POV are you taking?

Have you considered that there are various other characters on the show who probably share the views of other posters on the board.

The characters to whom it happened.

For example....

Sami was able to move past Lucas putting her on death row a long time before I was.

Austin always seems to forgive and forget with Sami when IMO he shouldn't.

As a mother if Nicole had stolen my child...she'd still be languishing in prision if I had anything to do with it.

Marlena/Bope got over the John/Gina thing easier than I would have.

But as these were the characters that the events happened too I had to accept their view on the events if I was going to be able to enjoy the show.
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