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Some of us hate her because she's always being shoved down our throats by being on all the time and chewing up airtime. We see more miniscule aspects of Sami's life than any other character's (& that includes Fetch). it's not about Sami always getting a "free pass" for her crimes. Hell, pretty much everyone in Salem who's committed a crime has gotten at least somewhat of a free pass at one point or another. At this moment, it's the fact that we have this whole scenario of Sami shooting & killing Bernardi that's now gonna be modified into "yes Sami shot him, but she's not the one that killed him" just so that TomSell don't end up in a situation where Sami's going to prison for 25 years and now what do they do since they can't not have Sami ever-present on the show (this from KC's most recent interview). Most of us that dislike Sami at certain times would like to see the character rested for a while so that other characters can lead for a while, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards, which gets a little annoying because it takes away from all the other actors and results in the under-utilization of beloved characters, such as Hope, Marlena, Nicole, Kayla, Abe, etc.
not everyone that hates Sami hates her for the same reasons, and some only hate her for certain things. it all comes down to personal preference. and on this board, everyone's allowed to like who they like and hate who they hate, and no one should feel like they can't state that they like someone or that they don't like someone.
I don't think the writers are just now modifying the "killing" of Bernardi & Sami's role in it. If I remember correctly in
the hospital scenes when Bernardi survived surgery the doctors believed he was going to survive.
I actually find this twist interesting, we now have a possible rogue doctor or one of Stepahno's henchmen
getting to Bernardi in the hospital . Plus we get to see Abe & Kayla looking into this new development

The lead Female/male Actors are featured in
more s/l.They can have more airtime sometimes.
The other actors around them are supporting Actors.
Thanks for the comments.
i must disagree with you once again. Deidre & Kristian are not, nor have they ever been, supporting. If/when they have submitted material for the Emmys, they have always submitted for Lead Actress. Most people would also agree that Ari Zucker should have submitted for Lead Actress for one of the last few years because her material was that strong.
There's a difference between being leads in stories, and having the writers center the entire show around a handful of characters. There used to be lead characters and supporting characters within each storyline. now it seems as though there are 4 lead characters (2 of them more "lead" than the other 2) and every other character, regardless of whether they have their own storyline or not, is just filling airtime because those 4 characters can't fill every minute of airtime.
Ultimately, regardless of whether characters/actors are considered lead or supporting, they all get rested so that other characters get the opportunity to be featured more. Unfortunately, neither Alison nor James have been rested in the 20 years & 7 years, respectively, that they have been on the show. They've always had a story and they've always been inserted into other people's stories, and that is unfair to all the other actors - some of which have been on the show a hell of a lot longer than Alison. And now with this new interview from Ken stating that TPTB do their best to jump through hoops to ensure that Sami is never missing from view is more evidence that says that TPTB are putting all their eggs in one basket and making it like the show would just wither and die if Sami or EJ were to ever be off-screen, even for a few weeks. The show survived for almost 30 years before Alison joined the show and about 40 years before James was added to the cast. It would surely survive even a brief intermission from Sami and EJ's constant presence. and THAT is my main point.
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