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Great show today. The courtroom stuff was tons of fun. I love how they are milking all the little beats along the way for all they're worth. And I love how they used history with Ejami's little jaunt from last year biting them in the ass. Oh, AS was great in today's scenes. And JS needs to start handing back scripts that require EJ to express outrage.

Always great to see MBE - this really is turning into such an umbrella story. I was surprised by the little twist of what she discovered. I assumed I knew where this story is heading and it looks like I might be wrong. Yay for that, as I like it when the show actually surprises me.

Eric-Sami moments were awesome. I continue to love their sibling chemistry. And Eric continues to be goodness personified, but in such a REAL and GENUINE way, not in a surface way like so many other "good" people in Salem. I love him.

Stefano scenes with Kate and Chad were good. But I'm kinda bored with Stefano just randomly popping up in Salem laughing with his girlfriend. Either stay in Italy or do something evil, Steffy.

The only weak link was the Abby/Gabi scenes. Gabi was back to annoying me today. I don't know what it is, but I just don't like her much outside of her interactions with Rafe, Nick, Will and Sonny. I especially find her grating in "girlfriend" moments.

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