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Jul 29 2013, 03:40 PM
Justin you are my everything. Telling Sonny forget that we are in a crowded square I'm going full throttle on you for withholding the truth, Awesome! Kudos for writing this father/son relationship complex and totally believable. Justin's mad, but he is not beyond reason. The Greek reference and threatening Ej was beyond superb! It clinched the top spot of the episode hands down.

Yes a Nick sighting! Blake Berris just sucked me in with his wounded performance. I found Maggie more tolerable trying to reach through to Nick, but I agree that Hope would have been a much more engaging person to have in these scenes instead. I think Nick and Hope could really carry some much needed weight to the material.

They sure messed up bringing in Cameron and not writing a proper story much earlier for Chad and Abby focusing on, as seen today, the natural chemistry they share.

Kate :shame: No to this version of her. NO

Rude much Marge? The dude was in a coma, he has no idea what the facts are and Hello?! did ya notice he's still recovering?

At least Rafe had sense enough to ask for Sami for her side and I did smirk at his 'hatred' of Maxine as she administered the sedative. I thought his confusion, compassion and frustration all played really well.

Wonderful Will telling Adrienne exactly how he felt with such focus. The heart and the head! Excellent!

I thought they could have come up with something better for the kids video message to Sami. It did make it seem like it was Mommy's choice being away. I also remember Rafe telling Sami the exact same thing about liking her focusing on being mad rather than sad to get through a bad situation. Repetitive stuff like that makes it hard for me to get past the Ej cloning Rafe version I keep seeing pop up.

Hope questioning Ej on Bernardi being dirty was good and I also liked her intuitive final scene (even with it feeling as a jumpy edit) foreshadowing Rafe being called upon to testify. I'm happy to see a smart on-the-ball Hope.

Speaking of foreshadowing . . . Kate. Obsession much?
I'm all for wicked Kate emerging and kicking this unappealing version of Kate to the curb.

Forgot to mention. I loved Ej's eyeroll! Perfect ^_^

I like Abby and Cameron.I like Kate and Rafe.I like the fact that Marge is fighting to protect her son.
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