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Jul 30 2013, 01:23 PM
Sweet and Salty
Jul 30 2013, 01:15 PM
Ms Trask=smug
I wish they'd explain why she's so strident. Salem really does need an outsider to stop the years worth of corruption and incompetence, but it'd be nice if she had more of a backstory to explain why she's been so worked up about this particular case from day one.
I don't see her as being any more strident than Justin.She is vigorously representing the people of Salem and Justin is vigorously defending Sami.Melinda Trask is doing her job just like Justin is doing his job.Most prosecutors want to win and most get upset when a police office is killed and the person responsible for the death appears to get off.I think this explains her behavior.If she did not argue that bail should be denied and the defendant was given bail and actually did go on the run,the prosecutor would be blasted by the citizens of the community and the newspapers. Sami lied to the police,lied to the grand jury,lied to her attorney,and she is charged with first degree murder.Most defendants charged with first degree murder are denied bail.There is more evidence against Sami than there was against EJ when they went on the run.EJ has been involved in criminal activity in the past and would not balk at having Sami get on a plane out of the country at the first opportunity.Everything the prosecutor said about Sami and EJ was true.
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