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Jul 31 2013, 02:35 AM
I really hope this was Eileen's decision and not the show's because if it was there's it is going to cost them dearly! We're about to have Chandler Massey and Camila Banus departing too. Wilson could be over. Wilson and Kristen renewed this show. I don't know what they're going to do now. I mean, do they think Theresa and Dannifer is going to make us keep tuning, along with EJ and Sami jumping all over one another? The show is going to have to start over from scratch essentially. We don't even have Bo!

This lookalike this is now REALLY weird. I would say that they're recasting the role, but then they were casting a Blake Berris lookalike. I haven't heard that he's leaving too. They're saying that they're wrapping this story up, so I would think a recasting for Kristen would be unnecessary.

I really wanted Eileen to win her first Emmy with "Days" this time. She can still submit her material next year, but it's going to be such a long time in between.

I would love for her to do Y&R/Days, but she could have done that without leaving "Days," so it doesn't sound as if she's leaving to go to that show, or she's leaving to just do Y&R. Sony forced her out. How could they think Y&R needs her more than "Days"? That wouldn't make sense.

I hope she's all right. She sounds fine on Twitter.

Mean, mean, mean!!!

BTW, she returned last July, and recently hit a year this month. As someone pointed out, maybe she signed for a year? She said that her contract was fluid.

She talked about the workload she had at "Days" which sounds massive. Maybe she got burned out like she did back in the 90s doing all the characters.
Love your post :hug: . ICAM with all you've said.

She really did sound happy but pretty exhausted in her resent interviews because of the enormous workload she had. I was wondering if the show is "using" her as much as possible because TPTB know that they have her only short-term because no single person can carry half of the whole show by herself on a long-term basis. If it wasn't the case they really should have been more careful with that. Things looked especially forced with the sudden Kristen/Eric storyline just after the big reveal.

I don't agree that Kristen as a villain can't stay interesting for a long period of time. I think the character has multiple layers and is grey so they can write lots of different stories for Kristen.

Eileen may not be on YR right now but I don't think it takes long till we read the message about it. Not that I'm not happy to see ED on YR, but Kristen is just so much more needed there in Salem. I think ratings will show it. I don't think there is much of a hope (they did a big wrap-up) but I would wish ED would come back to Days full-time and have proportional screen time as other contract and recurring actors.

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