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Paranoia running rampant in the house lately. Mostly from Amanda, who has convinced her cult of followers that Judd is MVP, Judd is framing Howard so everyone will think Howard is MVP, and that Judd is trying to flip the house to vote out Amanda.

The latter came from a convo Judd had with Andy and someone else I can't remember, re-affirming the plan to vote out Howard. Andy went back and told Amanda, so now she thinks Judd is fishing to see if there's interest to get her out.

Also, some crap went down with Howard & Amanda. Apparently, he whispered something to her. Live Feeds didn't really show much of it, but Amanda claims he told her he was going to fuck the shit out of her when the show is over.

Aaryn and GM both (separately) think they'll get America's Vote at the finale.

Spencer is on "the house" (aka Amanda & cult)'s bad side now because he quietly tried to see if there was any interest in voting out Amanda. This was also addressed in a house meeting Tuesday, via Candice... but Amanda (of course) thinks Judd is behind it all.

I can't even really update on anything else because everyone's contradicting themselves, telling one thing to someone & then a completely dofferent story gets told... everyone's making all these insane assumptions, and it's just hard to keep up with. I wish Kenny were here, LOL!!

I don't even watch Live Feeds. I get all my updates from various sites, but like I said, it's hard to post updates because everyone's so all over the place in terms of thought this season.

Basically, the whole house is paranoid about each other, Amanda has everyone convinced Judd needs to go next week and Howard is set to go home this week.

OH! And now Aaryn is claiming she has never said one racist thing while in the house, and is saying that Candice made it all up to make Aaryn look bad.

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