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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Jul 31 2013, 07:05 AM
guess Im the only one that doesnt care :shrug: wasnt a fan of the character. goodbye. Kudos to ED. She did a great job...making me despise her character :hail: .
No, you aren't the only one that doesn't care...this might be one of the few things we ever agree on, lol....anyway, I was sort of indifferent to her return. I didn't hate it, but most definitely didn't love it and it's primarily my dislike for all things Dimera that had me thinking that way. The character of Kristen was always one of those characters that had a knack for taking over the show and I dreaded that....but I'll be honest and say that although she was prominently featured in the year that she's been on, they have made an attempt to also not make the show solely about her and her 7 million alter egos like they did in the 90s and I appreciated that.

That being said, I think it is a loss for the show, because I do think that Eileen brings so much to the table, she's such a good actress and the show did get a jolt of something with her return. Plus, with her loss, Days is now without a long term villain, unless they bring Ej back into the fold as one...who else is left long term? With Chad leaving, Kristen leaving and Ej and Stefano on the outs...maybe it's finally time to shift the focus away from the Dimeras and give it to another villain family for a while...introduce one or work on bringing the Kiriakis family back to the bad ways....

I don't believe for a minute that ED won't end up back on another show.....I think Y&R will take her back in a heartbeat....I don't even give it 3 months.
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