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S loves EJ

Jul 31 2013, 06:43 AM
I have to admit that I've never liked Kristin-- but I LOVE Eileen Davidson. She can make just about anything look good. ED is a rare actress in that, even though her character has done some crazy stuff, you still want to watch her-- know what I mean? I think it's ED and her presence and how she approaches the characters. I really am with PR when he said that they've really painted her into a corner-- what do you with a character that has raped a priest, made the priest's brother look like he's got a box of rocks for brains and caused trouble in about any other circle? At this point, it's good that she's taken off for a while. Maybe in a year or two, she can come back and we can play this game again! LOL

From reading her tweets and interviews, I always got the impression that she was having fun at Days but her heart was at Y & R. I'm with many who said she'll be back and I think that too. (kind of scares me with JFP over there though!) Josh Griffith, the head writer at Y & R, has said in interviews that he really wanted to write for ED's Ashley. He may just get his wish.

EDIT-- the part, to me, that is downright scary, is that I believe that this show will become all about Sami. That's it. From the looks of things, a large part of the younger crowd, CB, CJD,CM and, if the rumors are correct, BB, will be gone by early next year and now ED. If this happens, I'm absolutely done with this show. Is anyone wondering why there's such a mass exodus on this show?

I think this sucks since I like Kristen but as long as JS stays Im still interested in the show, but since so many characters are leaving especially from the younger crowd they need to bring in new actors to make up for the ones they loose. They have brought in JJ and Theresa, but that is hardly enough the show need a bigger younger crowd in order to survive so its time to sorased Theo, Cierra, johnny, Allie and Sydney.
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