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I just have to laugh at all these people secretly trying to see if there is interest in getting Amanda out. If they all just banded together, they have the votes lol Not sure why everyone is so scared to go against Queen Amanda.

I agree, its not rigged (so far) in Amanda's favor. CBS just wouldnt have put her up. America has no way to know who "really" got the most votes. In reality, CBS could nominate anyone they wanted, and no one would be the wiser

I hope Aaryn realizes all the racist backlash she has gotten, came from things she said starting her first week in the house. No one (including CBS) made her look that way. The live feeders noticed it first and made it known to everyone else. I think she was even fired from her jobs before CBS aired anything about it. It bothers me that she will end up putting the blame on CBS's editing and probably Candice when she leaves, instead of taking responsibility for the things she said
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