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Jul 30 2013, 04:26 PM
Jul 30 2013, 02:42 PM
I seriously do not get the writers obsession over Kiki/Michael. The cheesy dialogue, the equally cheesy background music, the longing looks that are supposed to make me root for them. :drunk: Please STOP!! I'm not buying the star-crossed, meant-to-be BS they are trying to serve up. These two had like 3 conversations and now they are so in love? It's official, they are the Dannifer of GH. Hardly anyone but the writers gives a damn about these two and their "true love." :flipoff:
I'm probably in the minority here, but I kinda like the Morgan/Michael/Kiki triangle, :peek: and I disagree that Michael & Kiki are the Dannifer of GH.
I can tolerate Michael & Kiki as star-crossed lovers, because they're young with a strong attraction. They are believable. First love is very intense! But, Dannifer, they're embarrassing two grown adults behaving like high schoolers that haven't fallen in love before. :shame:
But this isn't Michael or Kiki's first love. Michael had more chemistry with the stripper with a heart of gold than Kiki from hell. IMO, a major problem for me is the acting. KA SUCKS! her talents are a step above Yvonne Zima and below Amelia Heinle. Her emotions are just not believable and her nasal sound does not help. Someone needs to sit KA down and say "Girl, you are not a good actress. Have you considered college?" And someone needs to slap some common sense into RC and make him realize KA doesn't have the chops tobe a "star" or lead but can maybe play a character like Alice the maid.

Maura West is an overrated actress. I LOVED her on ATWT, but her performances on YR and GH have been downright awful. She can't play a bitch without sounding and talking like a moron. If RC wants to keep MW, he needs to write her like Carly.
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