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My .02 cents:

This definitely comes as a surprise. I just assumed she was on a 2-year contract. Perhaps she was, and she approached the show months ago about the possibility of being trimming that to one year, and the writers decided that it might not be that bad of an idea to rest the character after her latest round of shenanigans is exposed. I'm sure the payoff in November will be spectacular, because Days typically does payoffs very well.

Going with the "advanced notice" theory, I can't also help but wonder if that impacted the story. My hope was that Brady and Kristen would adopt a certain one-year-old baby boy in what would have been an umbrella story to end all umbrella stories. Now with ED leaving, I don't see how that story could possibly play out in the time given. That would require a 6-month build at the very least from the time of the adoption to the time of the reveal. I'm not so sure that we're going to get that now. Or perhaps we will later on if ED's exit is temporary. It doesn't sound like it is, but perhaps after some time off she will be amenable to returning.

As for the canvas, that's two DiMeras gone within weeks of one another, leaving only Stefano (whose appearances are irregular at best) and EJ. If I were the writers, I would consider a way to concoct another young DiMera. Perhaps a long-lost child of Tony's? The family needs to be strengthened, in my opinion.

ED's exit also brings to mind (although not directly related to ED and by no means her fault) the ruining of John Black. If there is a big November payoff, he deserves to be there for it, but judging from this tweets the last few days, I doubt DH has been taping. To some his tweets might seem desperate, but in his case I think they are spot-on. A character he portrayed for nearly 30 years was written in a way that was alien and unidentifiable. I'm not a huge DH fan, but as a longtime Days fan, the character's treatment was absurd and insulting.

As for the Kristen doppelganger, I'm at a loss. Perhaps Kristen will still be around, but we'll only see the back of her head? Maybe she becomes injured and her face is bandaged? I'm definitely curious to find out.
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