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Jul 31 2013, 12:05 PM
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Jul 30 2013, 05:34 AM
JJ fumes as Theresa shamelessly flirts with Nick, mistakenly believing he's a wealthy stock broker.
I really hope the show explains that Shane and Kim cut off Jeannie Theresa's trust fund/allowance and she needs money short-term for drugs. If they make it out that she is looking long-term to marry a rich man, it will really annoy me.

I am so sick of the way the show has to make young female character's main focus in life being all about latching onto a man. If there was ever a young, female character from a legacy family that should have had no reason to chase after a guy for his money, it would have been Jeannie Donovan. Shane was ridiculously wealthy. He was supposedly worth $10 million when he "died" in 1989, and that was before the stock market boom of the 90s. He must be worth far more than that now. So unless Shane disowned Jeannie completely -- and given what he let Eve get away with, I can't see that happening -- why would Jeannie be desperate to marry someone rich? (And what about Kim? Wouldn't she have gotten a lot in the divorce from film producer Phillip Collier? His films had supposedly made millions.)

I don't mind Jeannie Theresa being troubled and a bad seed. I wouldn't even mind her flirting with Nick. But I would rather just have a female, twenty-something character who is confident about her sexuality and finds it fun to tease the nerdy guy than a young woman who thinks her only purpose in life is to find a man.
I cosign this.

I'll also point out that the daughter of Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton is wholly defined by the men she wants or doesn't want and has no life outside her own love life/sacred virginity or creepily obsessing with her mother's love life. It's a damn shame.
And it's not just Abby and Jeannie Theresa. Look at the storylines for Gabi, Nicole, Melanie, and Chloe over the last three years. Virtually every storyline has centered on finding or keeping a man or on being a mother.

When the show wonders why it can't connect with the core demographic, maybe it should look at its young women. I watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars last night that my friend wrote. Those young women have relationships, but they also have family issues, school problems, career ambitions, conflicts with friends, and the big plot conflicts. I don't see why Days can't write its young women with more dimensions and aspirations.
I agree completely with this.

Jennifer was once an award-winning reporter who would go after stories, regardless of what was happening in her love life.

Chloe was valedictorian of her class AND an opera singer. All they could write for a beautiful, intellagent, woman with a talent uniqe to Salem, was her desperate need for a man. Really? Thats all they could find. That's it. I can think of 20 stories right now. For example:

Chloe, not only a singer of opera, but also a teacher as well, discovers that one of her students is being pushed too hard by her/his parents, it's reaching an abusive level, but the student is afraid to admit it. Chloe has no real proof, so she's genuinely worried that her student is in danger of the parents going too far, or the horrible possibilty of her student becoming suicidal because of the situation.

Boom, a dramatic story for a woman that's organic because it revolves around her natural talent and puts her in a beliveable position of a music teacher working one-on-one with a student, so she's in a position to observe things that aren't so apparent to outsiders.

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