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Jul 31 2013, 12:34 PM
Initially, seeing the headline had me shocked. The shock wore off rather quickly though. Only seconds. The fact that DAYS got Davidson back at all trumps her exiting. And I have to agree with those saying that writing the character out after a year of wreaking havoc is the better choice. In the 90s, Davidson probably should've left a year before she did. However, Reilly's long, drawn out writing allowed her the show to continue using her longer. That writing no longer exists today. And after Kristen's latest act (raping Eric), I don't see how she could be redeemed after it's exposed. Years down the line, sure. But it could never be done right after the revelation.

I think had the show continued to write Kristen they way they were writing her when she first showed up, I would say that she still has a place on the show. Sure, she was still evil, but even having Brady attacked and planning to sleep with John isn't as bad as what she's done to Eric. But the audience was starting to get bored with Kristen back then. They wanted something bigger. It seems like they got it, and now we're heading towards her unavoidable exit.

As for what happens to Kristen, I don't want her to be presumed dead. Been there, done that. I would rather see Kristen exposed and deemed the town pariah with no choice but to leave Salem. Have one final showdown with Marlena before she leaves. Marlena telling Kristen that her return was pointless and she should've stayed gone. She accomplished nothing. Throughout Marlena's rant, Kristen would keep silent. Taking it all in. Adding a few jabs in her Kristen-like manner, but taking all Marlena gives for the most part. And then, once Marlena is home, enjoying her victory over her worst enemy, we cut to a shot of Kristen boarding a jet where a baby awaits her. Her baby with Eric. Marlena's grandchild! Fade to black.
Holy Shit that would be epic or the results of a pregnancy test being positive. This is the type of ending Im hoping for and hopefully her and DOOL will resume talks when she is ready!
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