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Jul 31 2013, 05:58 AM
Well, it's been a fun ride but honestly what else is there for Kristin to do? She's destroyed John so much that he's off screen. Brady has been branded a fool for life. And, we have yet to see the fallout from her rape of Eric. With Kristin's goal being to destroy Marlena, she has certainly made her mark, effectively destroying all the men who mean anything to Marlena. Who's left? Will? Johnny? And in some alternate universe, Roman?

I totally agree with the poster above who stated that villains like Kristin, and Stefano in his prime, need to be rested from time to time to keep them sharp. She just can't be redeemed. There's absolutely nothing that she can do to warm her way into Marlena's good graces.

When we first heard of ED's return we all hoped for a great story for John & Marlena, but that really didn't happen. How many times in the daily thread has someone commented on Marlena's limited involvement in a story that's aimed at her destruction?

Maybe with Kristin gone, we can see the return of the real John Black. Perhaps we'll see Marlena's triumph. A girl can only hope.
Well said! I was very tired of Kristen by the time she finally left last time, but I was excited for her return because it had great potential for another round with John and Marlena, but instead they stuck her with the boy she mothered in the 90s and simply destroyed John and Marlena. What a let down. And the story became the same old routine of Kristen getting into trouble each week and having to get out of it. It gets OLD really fast. I wouldn't blame Eileen if she got tired of that circus. But for me, if you have the story centered on the villain without her victims getting equal airtime then it's a major bust and not worth my time.
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