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Jul 31 2013, 02:05 PM
Jul 31 2013, 01:42 PM
Jul 31 2013, 12:52 PM
I guess it's better that we are all sad about this then saying "Thank God. Her return was such a flop." :(
Well, personally speaking, I am definitely sad about her leaving because I love Kristen any way I can get her, but I'm also severely annoyed that she was only brought back for what we've seen this past year. Putting 90% of her screentime alone with Eric Martsolf in generic, sappy scenes definitely constitutes a flop in my book for this particular character.
Yep, putting her with Brady was the end of my interest in Kristen this go round. It still really creeps me out and it made her return a complete flop for me. Going after Eric in the first place would have made more sense and wouldn't have had the ICK factor. But she really should have just gone after John and Marlena. Such a disappointing story.
I agree she should have gone after Eric originally when she came back. It would have made more sense, because he is Marlena's son. I still think Kristen having Marlena's grandchild would be epic storytelling, for multiple reasons. It would tie the women together for life, and it would add another layer to Kristen. It could definitely still happen somewhere down the line. Kristen could come back in 6 months with a baby, and really shake up Eric, Marlena, and Brady's worlds.

I agree that EM isn't the best actor, but I find him likable, down-to-earth, and hot. And Brady is never boring. I find EJ very, very boring though.
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