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Jul 31 2013, 02:08 PM
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Jul 31 2013, 10:54 AM
Sorry if this was posted already - but from Eileen's facebook

Eileen Davidson
Hello! I just wanted to confirm that I have indeed left DOOL. My last day was July 16 but I will be airing until November. I'm taking some time off to enjoy my family however I am not retiring. Not really sure what's next for me work wise. But I am looking forward to figuring it out!
Thanks to all of you for your support and love. I've had an incredible time on DOOL this year.....

From this it certainly seems that she was on for a one year contract at Days and Days decided not to renew, or she decided to leave Days and see if other options opened up.
This 100% sounds like it was her decision...not the shows.

I hope she returns in 3 months.
IDK it sounds quite neutral. It's very subjective but I got the impression the show could have tried harder and offered more (whatever it is - vacation, less workload or idk what) if they wanted her to stay but they didn't.
IDK about vacation....this show gets so many dark weeks a year and some of them are 2 straight back to back weeks around the biggest holidays that I find it hard to believe that if Eileen wanted some time to spend with her family that she couldn't have scheduled that in the weeks they get off as it is....even then if she wanted a few months straight to spend with her family, I'm sure Days could have written the character out for a period of 3 to 6 months while this current story wrapped it and then had her return in 6 months time. I just got the feeling that Days and Eileen knew going in a year ago that it was just a one year deal and neither wanted to break from that. Maybe we'll learn in the current weeks/months that the deal between Y&R and Days was for Days to have Eileen for one year and then Y&R had the option of bringing her back after that. But since then the writers/EP's have changed at Y&R and the plan might have changed, but maybe Days was still honoring the deal....who knows....

I certainly didn't get a feeling that Days tried to keep her, or that Eileen wanted to stay at Days.....I just think both sides are sticking to whatever deal they worked out a year ago.
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