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Just now thinking about the book party idea. There is no way the show wouldn't put Sami in this storyline either. (Sami, Jennifer, Julie, Maggie, Nicole, and Jennifer)

Pride and Prejudice
Sami: I want to begin by saying while reading this, the heroine reminded me of me.
Nicole (eyeroll) of course it did
Jennifer (skeptical): In what way?
Sami: She's the next to oldest daughter. I'm the next to oldest daughter. She is forced to be put aside by her beautiful older sister...
Nicole: Very much more beautiful older sister
Sami: Shut up. I don't even know why you are here. You don't have sisters.
Julie: Actually the book isn't so much an emphasis on the sister relationship but more on how Elizabeth and Darcy, via bad first impressions, eventually overcome pride and prejudices...
Sami: (interrupting) Oh yes. Mr. Darcy. He's just like EJ.
Jennifer: Um...(Too nice to respond) Well, he is British so
Nicole: (has no problems responding) Only if Darcy was the spawn of Satan and a crazy toothed simpleton.
Maggie: Which reminds me, did anyone else notice Kristen was carrying some buck teeth in her purse?
Jennifer: What are you trying to say? Kristen is my best friend!
Julie: Ladies! Back to the book!
Sami: Exactly, Julie, thank you. Back to me, my recent time in the jail cell, I was reminded to how imprisoned Lizzie felt in regards to her middle class financial home...
Jennifer: I mean, I wouldn't be friends with someone who is pure evil, thus Kristen must be changed. I think you're making too much out of this. Brady is back with Kristen after all.
Nicole: OMG, Kristen is Wickham!
Maggie: I don't want to be a part of this club if we are only talking about the Dimeras.
Julie: I knew I should have invited Hope, Kayla, Abby, and Kate instead.
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