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I cosign this.

I'll also point out that the daughter of Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton is wholly defined by the men she wants or doesn't want and has no life outside her own love life/sacred virginity or creepily obsessing with her mother's love life. It's a damn shame.
And it's not just Abby and Jeannie Theresa. Look at the storylines for Gabi, Nicole, Melanie, and Chloe over the last three years. Virtually every storyline has centered on finding or keeping a man or on being a mother.

When the show wonders why it can't connect with the core demographic, maybe it should look at its young women. I watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars last night that my friend wrote. Those young women have relationships, but they also have family issues, school problems, career ambitions, conflicts with friends, and the big plot conflicts. I don't see why Days can't write its young women with more dimensions and aspirations.
I agree completely with this.

Jennifer was once an award-winning reporter who would go after stories, regardless of what was happening in her love life.

Chloe was valedictorian of her class AND an opera singer. All they could write for a beautiful, intellagent, woman with a talent uniqe to Salem, was her desperate need for a man. Really? Thats all they could find. That's it. I can think of 20 stories right now. For example:

Chloe, not only a singer of opera, but also a teacher as well, discovers that one of her students is being pushed too hard by her/his parents, it's reaching an abusive level, but the student is afraid to admit it. Chloe has no real proof, so she's genuinely worried that her student is in danger of the parents going too far, or the horrible possibilty of her student becoming suicidal because of the situation.

Boom, a dramatic story for a woman that's organic because it revolves around her natural talent and puts her in a beliveable position of a music teacher working one-on-one with a student, so she's in a position to observe things that aren't so apparent to outsiders.

I agree. A lot of the ideas you suggested are positive ones, and one of the problem I find with the stories that they are giving us, is that the majority of it is so negative, and repetitive. There has to be a balance. Too much of one thing is boring. Too many people behaving badly is just as boring as having too many people as good.

With the Kristen, Brady, Marlena, John story, all we got out of it was Brady and John turned into idiots, and a long time marriage was destroyed for no sensible reason. Then John disappears, and Kristen moves onto her next story which is to rape Eric, and Brady who we thought finally got his brain back became stupid again and takes her back. They write him as if he does not care about Marlena and his Dad or anyone else all he cares about is his needs and he wants Kristen, so it is ok for him to forgive Kristen and go back with her, but yet, not forgive his dad and don't seem to care that this is a person that is out to hurt Marlena.

There were/are constant fights, whether verbal or physical between Kristen and Sami, Kristen Nicole, Kristen Marlena, Kristen and John etc. You get verbal back and forth , but nothing positive really comes from them. For example, we have had individuals telling Sami nothing but truth about her behaviour and the stupid decisions she makes but, nothing really changes. There is no reflection on what people said, she just continues being her obnoxious self.

EJ, Sami, Will, Sonny were busy breaking & entering, stealing, lying, covering, until finally Sami killed someone, and its then the veterans like Justin who we hardly see comes out of the woodwork, to be discussing Sami, and how they may help her or not.

Then we have all that you said about the portrayal of the young females on the show. Nicole is also being portrayed as if she is all about latching on to a man. Not long after being so madly in love with Daniel, Her main story became all about being in love with a man that cannot love her back, so they have her having sex with Brady who was on the rebound, and was willing to go back for seconds after once again having another argument with Eric the guy who cant love her back in the way that she wants, but at least they show her working, that I suppose is one positive. Sami is another one that can't seem to live without a man. Typical example is her sudden decision to be with EJ not long after breaking up with Rafe.

Nick told us a horrible story of what happened to him in prison, and we are not shown him receiving any help, so I am guessing they will probably have Nick doing something bad again.

JJ sells drugs, hates Daniel, steals and lies a lot.

Anne hates Jennifer and will do anything within her power to cause her trouble, That is Anne's main purpose on the show.

Theresa is a drug addict, hates Jennifer and is also lies to get what she wants.

While I have been typing this, I am trying to think of anything positive like any story with a positive ending. Even though it was great that Will got his baby, which Nick had no right to anyway, I would have liked it more if after that emotional scene with Nick and Gabi as he told his story, that in the end we actually saw him getting some help, and the old Nick comes back over time.

I do like the way they write Eric most of the time. I like the way they are writing Nicole, but I really don't want to see her having sex with anyone else unless it is someone who loves her just as much as she loves them. I would also say, give her a proper and interesting story, and something meaningful to do, but I don't think anyone has one. Not even EJ and Sami or Daniel and Jennifer, or Kristen. These are the people they love writing for and having everyone else on canvass as supporting the story they are in. I have said before, the performances may be good on a given day, and the dialogue may be good at times, but the stories are disappointing. ( IMO)

It makes it worst for me when they keep featuring individuals I don't want to see.

I guess Will and Sonny are apositive story, but I don't like the way they write them sometimes. And this story with Theresa on drugs, makes you wonder if they are going anywhere with it. Is she going to start acting as an addict, and then a redemption story for her, or are they just have her taking drugs while they need her to and then suddenly she is cured. I don't see Daniel and Jennifer as positive because they should not be together, no chemistry, too boring and the constant breaking up and getting back together is annoying. I see nothing positive in the pairing of EJ and Sami, not even for entertainment purposes, and the story of EJ taking over his father's business was lame. I am really hoping that Stefano comes back with a vengeance and that they write it well and let us see it happening, and not have a phone call and Stefano is back. That is if they plan to have him back.
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