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Jul 31 2013, 01:55 PM
Give me a break people....he is a DAYS vet that has been treated HORRIBLY by TPTB....I say let him vent in any way he wants too.

DAYS should not be able to treat their vets like this and get off scott free.
And this is the way to do it? Hey, I'm sure we know a lot of vets in different areas who lost their jobs who don't go whining around on Twitter. I haven't noticed Matthew Ashford doing that, nor did Deidre Hall when she was sacked. And, the way his acting was, it makes him look like a spoiled brat. Sorry. I cannot respect any vet who feels they are entitled because of years and still do a crummy job, bad writing or no. I work with quite a few veteran teachers who have to deal with lousy circumstances. The true pros go on and improve things, even if they are unfairly treated. The whiners lose people's respect. You think Drake can even CONSIDER getting other work with this attitude? Sorry, but he needs to grow up.
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