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I can undertand Drake's arguments, but I can also see TPTB's side. They're damned if they use him and they're damned if they don't. If he's not on, people complain about him being mistreated. But if he is on, people complain about his acting. Nobody can win.

I'm a little bored with all the baseball innuendos about his job, too. But, really, the formula for getting back into the field isn't that difficult. Just show up to at work, Drake. Mentally and Physically.
I personally think people are being very hard on him. I'm sure he knew those were some of his last shows, and he couldn't have been happy about that. I mean we know he wasn't happy based on his tweets now. But he's supposed to give the performance of a lifetime while being totally pissed at TPTB?
They weren't just complaining about his last shows, though. The complaints have been going on for months.

And, even if he was pissed... Isn't the unwritten rule of acting that you shouldn't let your feelings about behind-the-scenes stuff show in your performance?
He wasn't benched because of his acting, so I don't think it would have made much difference if he acted his heart out. He would still be gone, because that is what TPTB wanted and that is why they wrote his story like that. I am sure the majority of his fans will still remain his fans, even if they thought he did not do a good with the crap they wrote for him.
Yep I don't think he was fired because of his acting, to me it just seems like more of the same
Firing / letting go of the male half of Vet couples.
Matt A did a great job & yet he was fired and while BD hasn't been fired yet
he is rarely used & I wouldn't call him a bad actor.

DHim's tweets do make him look rather sad & pathetic but other Days actors have done
worse & been asked to come back. (MR,TP & CC looking at you ) I don't find his tweets dirty at all, they make lots of sense if you know your baseball lol
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