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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

The way they write women period on this show is disgusting but if we are to be fair, the way they write men as moronic idiots is also crazy stupid. I hate the characters under Tomlin and Whitesell and I do believe that rumor now that when Dena was supposedly the HW, she was not doing any HW, it was all these two that are writing now. You could tell simply by the way they write the character. Sami is more in character now than she's been in a while, but IMHO she is so far from rootable in a story that should make her rootable that it's not funny. Ej is now just like any other of sami's men, willing to move heaven and earth for her but doing very little to get it done. He can buy judges, which the other two couldn't do, he has more resources at his disposal to free Sami than anyone else I know but somehow he's done NOTHING and I think he'll do nothing. How about trying to get his hands on the evidence box, or trying to find the razor, or proving somehow the link between Stefano and Bernardi? But he has done nothing but talk to Kayla about what SHE found. Anyway.....Dan is still a disgusting womanizing idiot, Jen is a stupid bitch who barely grieved her husband but falls at the feet of Dr. Extraordinaire every time the guy says he's done with her. Abby is still an insecure virgin, Kate is gazing lovingly into the eyes of her fuck buddy, Nicole is expressing her feelings for Eric to virtually all of Salem, everyone is listening but Eric. Kristen is still BSC and she's in character...but her focus on Brady was off.....frankly I can see this show taking a huge turn for the worse in 6 months time unless major changes are made NOW
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