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Jul 31 2013, 07:57 PM
Jul 31 2013, 04:51 PM
.....last year, Kristian appeared in just over 1/2 the episodes. as of the end of July, she's appeared in only 34% of the episodes. Assuming Kristian's guarantee hasn't changed,.....
I think that is a HUGE assumption. I suspect that part of her new deal called for a reduction in her guarantee. I suspect the same (or less) was offered to PR. He chose to move on. Meanwhile, KA decided that a steady acting gig and paycheck was better than sitting at home, texting her son, and designing jewelry that is less marketable when she isn't a "star". She seems to have made most of this change, amping up her tweeting and being an excellent team player. In return, she'll get a few minor stoyrline arcs and be featured as a longtime Horton Family legacy character.
the reason I assumed her guarantee hadn't changed was because Kristian had previously resigned her contract for 2 years: 2011-2013. therefore, it wouldn't be a big assumption to say that her guarantee was the same. even if there was a reworking of her contract, i find it hard to believe that they would drop her from 2.5 episodes/week to 1.5 episodes/week (wouldn't that pretty much put her in the running to be dropped to "recurring" status? and yet she's still a contract actor).
Kristian's jewelry would still be quite marketable since she's already been building the brand for 5+ years, and she could do regular appearances on HSC. That said, she stays on the show because she loves her job.
I don't think that Ken would've said in his last interview that he knows that it's time to give Kristian a meaty story if she had such a low guarantee. They'd have to have Hope disappear for a few months in order to be able to wrack up the number of free episodes needed to create a meaty story for Hope.
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