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May I ask a question? I have been watching Days for years, since Diana Colville owned the Spectator. I have watched on and off for years. My question is this. When did Drake's acting become bad? I remember when he was with Isabella he seemed to be a great actor. When I started watching again later on, I noticed Drake started talking in an odd,whisper like voice all the time, and started doing the squinty eye look to other characters, or as some people call it the "Smell the fart face". Since I did not watch Days continuously, I was curious when his acting turned bad. I mean no disrespect to Drake's fans. I like Drake. Another thing, this is a little off topic, but there is a big time attorney here in Nashville named Bart Durham. Bart Durham made some commercials for his law firm in a soap style format. I wrote to Mr. Durham, telling him how bad the acting was and Mr. Durham told me he owned a condo in another state near where Drake lived, and Drake told him the acting in the soap style commercials were good. They were not. Everyone in Nashville was laughing about them, and there was even a write up in the paper about How bad they were. Mr.Durham was really nice about my complaints, and invited my family to a yacht party that Drake was supposed to attend. I couldn't go because I had to work. I never write to advertisers telling them how bad commercials are,but they were so bad, and they ran on tv like every ten minutes.
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