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Poker Face
Jul 31 2013, 06:35 PM
I can understand why Drake couldn't give his 100% to this John/Kristen/Brady mess, bc he knew how wrong and disgusting that was. It's kind of hard to play a scene when you despise the story underneath so of course that emotion it does show on screen. This year was a bad one for John. Big time. And it sucks that now Drake can't even "fix that" and show the REAL John Black and not this person, we've seen for months. It's truly sad. He deserves another shot.
I respect your opinion, and somewhat agree, but aren't actors supposed to act their best all the time, whether they like the material or not? That is what they are getting paid for,to act. I know that big Hollywood actors will throw a fit over a script they don't like, but don't they usually just bite the bullet and act the best to ones ability? I could be wrong,but I know if I was an actor,getting paid the kind of money they make,I would give it my all as an actor, whether I like the material or not. I like Drake and hate to see him leave the show,since I am a fan of his,but his acting has not been very good lately.
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