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Jul 31 2013, 09:11 PM
Dee-ann, what about when Jack was given the horrible storyline of having to date Jennifer,while Jennifer dated Daniel at the same time? I think Jack acted like his normal good actor self in that storyline, even though the storyline was ridiculous.
What Drake had to do was far worst. Jack was competing with Daniel for Jennifer, and throughout it all he showed that he loved Jennifer. It was Jennifer that was terrible in that story. The story was that she was dating both guys because it was difficult for her to choose between the two men, but she portrayed it as if she preferred Daniel and was just tolerating Jack out of courtesy to their long history together. It was horrible to watch because of how Jennifer played it, and I just wanted Jack to walk away and find someone new. I am not a Jack and Jen fan, not watched their story before, but I thought her treatment of him was awful and the only scene I liked and I thought they really should be together was when Jack had an attach of the ptsd and Jennifer was their to help him through it. They were both good in that scene.

Now John has loved Marlena for a long while, they have been through a lot together, their relationship was so strong, and yet we are expected to believe that John who is normally intelligent would come up with such a silly plan as to cheat on Marlena and hurt her in that way by having sex with Kristen her worst enemy to stop his 30+ year old son from being any more involved with Kristen. It is more stupid than the story of Jen being torn.

Just like Jennifer who has loved Jack for years and has had children with him, yet she seemed to prefer Daniel who she has only known for a short while. She was suppose to be torn but, by just watching her performance. One could argue that she was not doing a very good job of being torn between two men when we could see that she preferred Daniel more than Jack, and treated Jack sometimes with little respect.
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