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I am curious. Can you give me an example, and it should be just as bad as the one that was written for John.
The one that jumps out at me was Kim Zimmer's Reva playing the clone. I've read where she HATED that storyline, thought it was stuipd BUT she still did her job. That was one bad storyline!

Even as a viewer, I look at RH on GH playing Franco playing Jason. I really have to wonder if he looks at this and think Jesus take the wheel BUT he does his job. Heck, even Allison Sweeney has said that there's been storylines for Sami that she didn't get and hated but she still did her job.

Look, I know that the character of John had crappy writing but I still contend that if you look at other shows and other actors they've had some storylines that they hated but they still gave it their all and we as viewers didn't know until after.

James Scott has complained about storylines he had to do on Days-- hated the writing, didn't fit his character. Did he even say that some of the writing "Sucked"?

Just curious-- has anyone else read interviews from soap actors that have said that they didn't like a storyline they were in but still did it ?

Alice Sweeney and James Scott has put on some terrible performances sometimes, so I personally would not use them as an example. I can still think of recent scenes where they have been awful but,you might not think the story line was awful.

The story of RH playing Franco is still different from what John had to do. RH was playing Franco but, I was still seeing Todd in his portrayal. And I would not exactly say that story was awful, it was boring but it's was a way to insert RH back on the show. He had a functioning brain. They took John's brain away from him.
Todd isn't supposed to be Franco, that's just it. You may see Todd in him but that's not who he's doing.

I would think that every actor, soap or otherwise, have had things that aren't proud of....the point is they did their job. There were times when I felt like he didn't even want to do that. I know it was the storyline but as a viewer, I want an actor playing a part to suck me in to their point of view...help me understand where that person's motivation is coming from and why they are doing this. I didn't get that from Drake. On the flip side, ED, had to sell the same reasoning and I felt like she did.

I'm not going to argue. I know how much you like Drake and I respect that.
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