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The admins and mods have a few reminders/requests we'd like to make. With a few notable exceptions, things have been running smoothly here lately, and that's great. To keep it that way, I'd just like to remind everyone that DR has seven admins and three mods. That's enough. We don't need help. If you see a post that you believe is against our rules, please just report it. It's not helpful for you to respond in kind or to try and moderate yourself. This applies to contributors, veteran members, and elite members as well. Please let us handle the moderating. We don't see everything immediately, but if you'll use the report button, we'll handle it how we think is necessary.

If you have any questions about the rules or why some posts are okay and others aren't, please pm a staff member. You know which ones are usually around, so those are probably the best ones to ask. Please also remember that just because you don't see how a problem was addressed that doesn't mean it wasn't. We also may not handle problems the way you'd like us to but we do things in the best interest of the board, not just you.

Thanks for reading and happy posting!
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