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Jul 31 2013, 09:58 PM
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Jul 31 2013, 02:03 PM
:yawnz: pretty dull episode with a few exceptions.

Nick and Gabi and that look shared between them. Don't abandon this couple!
Rafe not letting Nick speak and giving him what for.
Lucas giving Sami his support.
The cop dropping the water bottle instead of handing it to Sami.
Lastly, Sami admitting she do the same thing again. At least she's sticking to her convictions.

I think Gabi could manage for two weeks without Sonny and Will if they wanted to travel. So that whole 'holding him back' set-up is falling flat. Will's constant insecurity with Sonny is annoying.

I'd rather Justin be the one Kayla talked to rather than Ej. Her confiding in him all this information felt wrong.

Ej is the one paying for Sami's defense. he is one who hired justin which makes him his boss. Besides, the bradys know that Ej would do anything to get Sami out of this jam. They seem to count on him to fix this mess.

It was obvious that Kayla can not stand Ej (for good reason), but I was impressed that she was willing to put her personal feelings aside to help her niece. Go Kayla.
If EJ had found out Sami wanted to hide his child from him just because she and Rafe were getting back together, he could easily be setting Sami up while making it appear that he was helping her.

Kayla should be side-eyeing EJ and talking directly to Justin, not trusting the man who tortured her husband and tried to murder their daughter and nephew, after dating their daughter no less!

we will have to agree to disagree on this one.:)
Jul 31 2013, 09:26 PM
Or he wanted to protect his pregnant sister from the woman who kept attacking her over-and-over. He fully trusted that his sister would make sure that Will would be a part of the baby's life. And Gabi, even while being railroaded by Nick, was still determaned that Will be a part of the baby's life. Such as going against Nick to insist that Will be the Godfather.

on her own terms and as she sees fit. if she changes her mind down the line, Will would have no legal recourse.

Wow how generous of Gabi to let the biological father be the Godfather. Isn't ironic though that she is now smooching off of wilson after she let Nick treat them like dirty while she turned the other way.
Oh I hope :shrug: Sami tells Justin/EJ about that nasty
Cop dropping the water bottle.No one deserves
to be treated like that.Sami should shut her trap.
There could be a recorder.
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