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The Royal Dork

Miss Rhi
Jul 30 2013, 10:59 PM
Sounded like he wants a restraining order. And PS- That pic of Rachel? *shudders*

Now, on to tonight's episode...

Howard's speech? I did get a little lost in some parts, but I'm sure that was probably due to the fine art of BB editing. But I think he was basically saying that if people are using the "he talks shit about you" persuasion technique to try & convince people to vote him out, then don't buy it because he hasn't talked negatively about anyone.

Can't stand that they didn't show Helen's little drunken, dramatic show she put on after the Candice talk. I think they want America to like her. :x

And I totally agree with Candice. Helen made the deal with Aaryn, whether Aaryn approached her or even if it was the other way around, it was Helen who shook on it and agreed to it. I can't, for the life of me, understand why Helen, the big player that she is, doesn't want to evict someone who's been calling the shots since Day 1. Yeah... it might cause her to get some blood on her hands, and yeah, it might put a target on her back, but I think Helen would be able to (as she's done before) shift the blame for the weird vote on to someone else.

It aggravated me when Amanda said that Howard was someone she couldn't manipulate, so he had to go. Well yeah, but you rule the majority of the house, so why are you so antsy to get rid of an outsider? It's not like he can convince anyone to flip and vote you out, because everyone's so damn scared of you for some weird reason.

And PS- That veto competition was incredibly cheesy and juvenile. What ever happened to the GOOD competitions? They either recycle the same games, or just created ridiculously cheesy ones that take 15 minutes to play.

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